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Thread: Issue with Gravity Forms 1.6.2

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    Issue with Gravity Forms 1.6.2

    My entire admin section is crashing when I install Gravity Forms 1.6.2 I have de-activated Swift and re-installed Eleven Ten where gravity forms worked fine. No issues there. Please let me know if their is a sollution.

    ***Please note that index url for blog is redirecting to the old version of the site. to view the blog navigate to ***

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    send me your wordpress login, with details on how to reproduce the problem

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    Thanks Satish, I have sent you all the required details through the form. Looking forward to your reply.

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    Problem was with my web server. They upgraded memory and all is good. Thanks for your help Satish. I love the theme.

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    cool, follow this optimization guide for best results.

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