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Thread: Slider Images not of Consistent size and not showing correct number of posts

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    Slider Images not of Consistent size and not showing correct number of posts


    I have recently purchased Swift Premium. I am having the following 2 issues with my slider:

    1. Slider not correct number of posts. My Slider is set to full width and configured to show 9 recent posts. However the slider is only showing 4. here is the screen-shot (slider-options.jpg) of my slider setting.

    2. The images in the slider is not coming of consistent size. Firstly, the slider is not picking up the Featured image, but the first image from the post. Then again, it is showing the image of a different size. The image in my post is of Thumbnail size, but the slider showing big size. Please see the 3 screen-shots attached in the following order:
    • posts.jpg: showing how the images are places in the posts (including featured images)
    • slider.jgp: showing how different image in coming in the slider
    • image-size.jpg: showing how each image is of different size

    Note: I have cleared all cache and tried, still doesnt work :-)
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    hi, upgrade to Swift-v6.0

    goto members area, and click on add/renew subscriptions.

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    Hi Satish,

    Swift -v6.0rc24 will not install. It is giving the following error:
    Incompatible Archive. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

    Also, is it a premium theme, because I have licence for SwiftPremium and this looks like the free theme to me.

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    Download it again.

    Its premium, swiftPremium will be replaced by it in few days.

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