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Thread: Latest Posts - Front Page

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    Latest Posts - Front Page

    I'm using the latest version of Swift Premium, is it possible to show page previews, as in a page loop on the home page with the slider also visible above?


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    elaborate please..

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    Ok... the home page is set to show Latest Posts, in the Reading options, this is how you see the featured slider and the latest posts below. My question is, instead of the latest posts showing below the featured slider, can we have pages or another set of featured posts?
    Basically I do not want the latest posts to show on the home page but I do want the slider on the home page.

    Let me know if you need any other information

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    Use the news paper layout
    SwiftPremium quick start guide.

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    I'll give that a go, thanks Satish

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    Hi Satish,

    When you say, News Paper Layout, do you mean change the Home page to a static page then you the page template, News Paper Layout?


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    yes, set the home page to static.

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    Satish, this does not show the full length slider, this only shows a small slider on the left.

    Could I change the settings in the News Paper Layout Setup within the Swift Options? I can see an option to choose "Blog format posts categories" - what is this for? If I enter a category ID in this option, will it not replace the latest posts showing, or are these settings on for the page template, News Paper Layout

    Could you please clarify how the settings work..

    Basically I would like a full width slider at the top of the home page with my own selected posts (within a category) to show below the slider... is this possible?

    I appreciate your time in explaining this, if it is possible... from what I can see it isn't possible


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    Don't worry I've changed themes now

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    Use this plugin
    WordPress › Front Page Excluded Categories WordPress Plugins

    Add Swift-v6.0 to your subscriptions and use it.

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