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Thread: v 6.0; photos, excerpts, corners

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    v 6.0; photos, excerpts, corners

    I spent the day transferring my site to the newest version, and it works quite smooth.

    Unavoidably, I have run into a coupe of issues, namely:

    1) In my past 300+ posts I deliberately posted a too big photo, because it resized itself to the post once published.

    Often I published a photo 960 px wide in my posts, because it the adjusted itself to the full screen slider.

    Now, all the photos in my past 300+ posts will be too large, and expand "under" the sidebars. Example:

    Is there any way to resize all those photos so they can fit into the posts again?

    2) I would like to include excerpts of the posts in my slider even below the slider (magazine view).

    This was made easily in the past version by ticking a box. Can't find that box now.

    3) Where are the rounded corners?

    4) How many pixels are the new slider? Wide and height? The full slider was 960 wide, can't find any size for this one.

    5) In the menus, it seems to be impossible to alter the colors away from the normal font colors.

    In the past, I had black menus, both links and visited links. Now the menu text seems to must be either red or black depending on wether the user visit this site, rather than black all the time, which looks better in my opinion.

    6) How do I actually adjust the size of the sidebars? Random seems to be one slightly wider than the other, which was not the case in the last version.

    I will post again if I run into something else.

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