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Thread: My blog using Swift 4.0.7 (The Conservative Blog)

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    I'm not saying mine is the greatest ever; but I am mighty proud of how great it looks (thanks to the hard work of Satish) and so are the readers of my site.

    I started out just meaning to do a basic political blog but the efforts of Satish and others have inspired me to create this professional Conservative Politics blogging site which within 2 weeks of going live is already averaging 800+ views a day.

    Thank you Satish!

    Check my site out at

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    Also would appreciate any feedback be it positive or negative, harsh or kind!

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    I think it looks awesome.

    Very professional...I can see why it's appealing for so many readers...(not counting the content, just the looks.)

    Great job!

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    Congratulations, 800+ views per day is too much.

    You should share your success story with fellow Swiftlers.

    About the looks your blog looks great.

    Here are few suggestions

    1.Use png image for header, as you are using only 2 colours in header a png image will give you a high quality image at just 4kb file size. (use ctr+shit+alt+s, and save it as png8 image)

    2.Add right padding to sidebar, text sticking to the border doesnt look good.

    3.Add some widgets to footer or change it background to white.

    Add this at the end of custom-styles.css


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    beautiful site! Very good use of the theme.

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