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Thread: My 1st swift site

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    My 1st swift site

    Ok, 2 weeks or so after 1st finding swift - here is our 1st site with it - any critical comments welcome !

    Yorkshire Wedding Magician

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    I'm new to Swift so I can't comment on potential with this theme.

    Suggestion: Bring the subscribe box above the recent clients list in the sidebar. Also, change the title to something like 'Stay updated with the latest Magic' (think about it a bit harder than I just did but I'm sure you get the idea)

    I'd emphasize the word 'Elite' in the header too, since it sets you apart from the 'run of the mill' (I'm sure there's a handful of 'party magicians' in the yellow pages/Google. Elite magicians? Not so many

    Just a thought! Otherwise looks good!

    Best of luck mate
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