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Thread: Duplicate content

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    Duplicate content

    Hello. Final issue for the night. Home page is showing duplicate content (same posts in the slider as are shown below). Yes, I have checked the box to avoid duplicate content. Does not seem to be working, please advise. Thank you,
    Restoring Vintage Family Recipes |

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    Hi Satish,
    I did it. Still same problem. Thank you for your help.

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    how u r checking duplicate content?

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    There is a box under Swift Options, Homepage that says "skip posts shown in slider from wordpress loop" and it says that this avoids duplicate content. I have checked the box and yet--all the content is duplicate. Also I only have 3 excerpt boxes on my home page, when according to the layout design, it looks like I should have 6. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.
    Restoring Vintage Family Recipes |

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    Satish, I just paid for a quick solution so that I can get some help fixing up my home page. See problems above.

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    It's a bug,

    you should add global $do_not_duplicate; above $count=0; in includes/featured-slider-1.php, I did that for you. Post the solution on the forum.

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