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Thread: Problems

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    Unhappy Problems

    I've spent hours trying to make Swift work (again) and cannot. I've offered to pay for assistance, but Satish has not replied. If anyone here can get this theme to work and is willing to help me, I'd be happy to pay them via PayPal (&/or credit/give links or whatever you deem fair). However, after 2 days of struggling with issues not represented here, I have wasted enough time and will have to move onto another theme soon.

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    It will be easy for us to help if you describe the problem clearly and share your blog url.
    We are sorry that you had to spend hours debugging, but knowing the amount of time you spent wont help us in solving your problem.

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    As I posted before, I cannot get any images working since I upgraded to the latest release. Now, not one issue of Swift works properly; no images show up, even when the Auto Post Thumbnail plugin is run.

    I have deleted and reinstalled the theme versions multiple times (including manually removing from the server, not just using the WP dashboard options). I've cleared cache and history, multiple times.

    I prefer the earlier version of Swift (the "older" magazine style, image size, borders, etc. and the "category" rather then the "author" link near images). After downloading and installing so many versions of Swift I believe the original version I used is no longer available at your downloads page or the repository -- but I believe it might be an early version of 5.6? I don't know. All I know is the older version worked -- without even using the thumbs plugin. But I upgraded because I came to the site and read that you were recommending to do so. And now I cannot get anything to work...

    I'm not trying to do anything fancy; just have (what was, anyway) the basic magazine layout with images working. Again, I prefer the older pre-javascript layout. The "categories" rather than the "author" link. I'm not doing any custom colors or anything.

    My URL will not help because, as I said, I'm using Theme Test Drive plugin (I do not want a broken theme live on my site).

    As I wrote in my email to you, following the directions listed in the theme options dashboard regarding payment, and in my message via your website contact form, I am willing to use the PayPal buttons to get this to work. (I also tried to PM you, but the message was refused as your box was full.)

    I'd really like to use Swift. I appreciate your time and so am offering to pay for your help. I've searched your site and the forums. I've customized other themes, so while I'm no pro, I'm not a complete idiot either; but this is just past my ability to understand. So I need help to make Swift work.

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    send me your wordpress username and password
    Contact Me

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    Click here to see a screenshot of Swift 5.51

    I'm using WP 3.1.1

    With Swift 5.74, I get images for the posts, but not for the slider at the top; but the layout is not as I like. (Not as clean tables and the images are less uniform; and it doesn't have the "categories" link.)

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    Thanks for whatever you did Was it the Theme Rest Drive causing the problem?

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