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Thread: how to remove swift theme image from above blog posts?

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    how to remove swift theme image from above blog posts?

    I only see it above the first two, how do I remove? Thanks!!

    Blog | Deepwood Vet

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    i suspect that you have images turned on for them, so you need to go through the swift customisation ? on home page to remove

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    The default swift theme image can be changed from the gray ‘swoop’ to an image of your choice.

    This means that when you do not manually add an image to a post, your own default image will show instead of the Swift Theme’s image.

    The image you want to substitute is located here:

    Open the theme’s files. I do this through cPanel, other use something like filezilla.

    So for me, in cPanel, I would go to 'public_html', then 'my', then 'wp-content', then ‘Themes’, then your version of Swift.

    After opening the Swift Theme files you will see a folder named ‘Images’ and the one you want to edit/replace is the ‘default.jpg’

    The ‘default.jpg’,in my version, says, “PNG image data, 580 x 290, 8-bit colormap, non-interlaced”.

    Make sure you stay within the dimensions of the original when replacing the image and make sure you have it named the same as the original ‘default.jpg’. You can play around with dimensions under 580 x 290, but I would be careful going larger than those parameters.

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    Thank you! I didn't see anything customization, so I assume I can go into cpanel and just delete that image?

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    If you do not want a default image on your site, then I would, in lieu of deleting the default.jpg, I would just rename it in cPanel. Name it something like defaultbak.jpg. That way, it will not show on your site. Down the road, should you want a default image, you just add it to cPanel as default.jpg, deleting or renaming you defaultbak.jpg.

    Renaming a file helps to locate where the file is for future use. If you delete it it is likely to be more of a problem to replace it, remembering where it goes, etc. Renaming makes it invisible, yet acts as a placeholder.

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    I made a new default image smaller than the 580 x 290 and the theme automatically sets it at 580 x 290. Not a problem for me just a heads up.

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    I don't understand these instructions on how to remove the default image. I bought a domain through and I use WordPress as the site to that domain. I selected a Swift Theme. How do I locate these files you are referring to on Wordpress? I'm trying to get rid of the default image as well. And I do have an image selected in my post.

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    I use Hostgator as a site host. They use cPanel for file maintenance.

    You purchased hosting space from Godaddy, or just a name? Does godaddy use cPanel as a hosting interface? Do you use or .org?

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    I purchased hosting and the domain name from I use Maybe I will go to and see if I can find the cPanel. Maybe that's the problem, but if you have any other suggestions let me know. Going there now to figure this out. Thanks for the tip.

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    Alright thank you Skippy. This worked. It didn't occur to me to go to my hosting at duh... I guess I thought I had to do everything on the site. Thank you so much. I renamed the default.jpg like your instructions indicated to defaultbak.jpg and then I renamed one of my own photos I had on my desktop to default.jpg and uploaded it. Worked like a charm....I was so frustated before ...thank you so much for your help.

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