First off. Thank you Satish for this superb theme, love it.

I have one issue that I have not been able to solve...

Right now everything works perfectly, but if I add nextgen gallery or lightbox plugin (have not tested all plugins) a conflict between the plugin and slider appears. All images that are supposed to be in slider are loaded in a row. If I disable the plugin everything works perfect.

The problem is that I need a galley plugin such as nextgen to show my photos, has anyone had these issues? is there a solution? or does anyone know of a galleryplugin that dont conflict.....

Im getting thin on hair right now and need support. The issues has do be connected to jquary or something similar. Please help

Thank you
Henrik, editor at*|*Motorsport, sport, samhälle samt kultur nyheter this is the site of this issue. But now there are no gallery plugins activated.