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Thread: Dotted line through the Page titles

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    Dotted line through the Page titles

    Don't know why I'm getting this, but for all of my page titles there is a dotted line going through them that is the entire width of the content container. Not sure why this is.

    Ok, I figured out where the issue was coming from. I had to change the following snippet of code in the styles.css file:

    .border{display:block; border-bottom:dotted 1px #CCC; margin-top:-.4em}

    I changed it so the border bottom was 0px (basically removing it). Not sure what was causing it to appear where it was (through the page title), but this at least allowed me to remove it altogether. If I wanted to leave that border in I would have to somehow adjust where that border was showing up, I'm sure its in that same area of code somewhere.
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    a better way to do this is remove <div class="border"></div> from page.php, becuase border class is used in other parts of the site.

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