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Thread: Header, Header Background & Border.

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    Header, Header Background & Border.

    Hello again!
    i uploaded a background image onto my swift theme, however when i uploaded the header background image there was a big border round it, so i removed the header and still the same thing.
    Basically, its hard to explain but i wanted the header and header background to blend in with the body background. How do i do this? At present i have no search box (i removed it) and no header, only a header background with a border.

    IE -


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    How did you remove the search box?

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    Hello i deleted the content from the searchform-nav.php section.


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    Add this code to custom CSS
    You can also try this

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    Thanks for the help Satish - can you tell me how to get rid of the header border? Theres a fine black border on the header when i upload it, is there any way i can get rid of this alltogether? Thanks again!

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    Also the header background is still there is there anyway i can make the body background extend into the header background? right now it looks like three layers. Thanks.

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    whats your blog url

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    Hello again Satish thanks for your help
    It is *|*

    You'll see the background image is the same as the header background but the images are layering - when i add a header thats another layer


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    Hi Satish, I have a similar header background not aligned and I would like to know if it is able to center itself. My URL Properties Of Singapore*|*A HUB OF FAIR VALUE X'CHANGE
    I am starting from scratch spending many hours trying to figure this out. Appreciate if you can give some guidance here. TIA.

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    I've given up trying to figure out the cause, but I'm getting around it with this in custom CSS:


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