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Thread: Header Tag Line or 2nd Image

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    I need help! I have a logo up on my site,it is to the left in the header area. All I want to do is put some text to the right in that big empty space. I can't figure out how to do it. I have a jpg file that I created with my text info - that is now my 2nd image but how do I get it in that location?

    My site is

    Please HELP!!

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    In header.php remove the code between

    `<div class="alignright" id="subscribe">


    </div><!--End of Subscribe -->`

    and add your image in that place.

    btw new version of swift is out

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    Satish, I have heard about what a great person you are but now I know firsthand. I will send you a donation and more importantly, I will help you promote your biz. Great product but even better service.

    I will try the fix you provided. I had problems with ver 4.0.1 so I stayed with this. How do I keep all my settings from this one to the next?

    Also, how do i get my sub pages to show in a dropdown menu on both the top menu bar and the category bars? Lots of questions I know...

    Thanks in advance. Give me any suggestions you have as to how I can make my site better - I welcome them,

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    Satish I tried the code but it didn't work. I did not see exactly what you gave me but I replace it between these two:

    <div class="grid_6 omega" id="subscribe"> and </div><!--End of Subscribe -->

    I paste the following code:

    <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-224" title="HEADERTAG" src="" alt="HEADERTAG" width="218" height="90" />

    Nothing happened

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    oops, i forgot this.

    Find this header.php

    `<?php if($swift_feedburner_id){?>

    <div class="alignright" id="subscribe"> `

    and replace it with

    `<?php if(3){?>

    <div class="alignright" id="subscribe"> `

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