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Thread: Images not showing in 4.01 (site hosted images)

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    No images for my posts are loading on the home page, but when u click read more you can see the images

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    I can see images on your blog.

    Are you still having problem??

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    I am having the same problem. It worked fine with 3.9 but since upgrading to 4.01 I can't the images to show. They do show in the posts, just not the magazine view.

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    is this folder writable?

    swift/cache ??

    Change its permission to 777

    FYI v4.0.2 is out.

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    Made sure that the folder is completely writable. Still no images.

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    whts ur blog url?

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    Do you have GD library enabled??

    Contact your hosting support, and ask them to enable gd library.

    Read this

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    Satish, I agree with everyone else here... "You are the Man!"

    That took care of it. Thank you for your time and efforts!!

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    You are welcome

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