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Thread: [bug] Thumbnails in Blog Style Layout v5.74

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    [bug] Thumbnails in Blog Style Layout v5.74

    I have recently upgraded from 5.54 to 5.74 and now a thumbnail of the main image is being inserted before the title in the blog style layout.
    I have "Enable thumbnails on home page" unchecked but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

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    i added thumbnails for full length posts in the new version, regenerate the thumbnails using and they will appear the way they should.

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    Hello Mr Satish,

    i have the same problem, the thumbnails are appearing before post title on home page in blog style (version 5.74). I know how to put picture in thumbnails but i dont want thumbnails above post title. I want to make normal style home page: post title and content and photos under title.

    Please if You can tell me how to make this thumbnails disappear. Which code should I cut? or should I go to some older version of swift? its not a problem, just tell me please which one?

    I know wordpress wouldnt be the same without swift, the theme is real masterpiece.. My site is: Makarska Apartments

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    Hey man you are unbelievable! thank you thank you thank you I sow this post, and I guess first time i did something wrong, but now its working. I can not believe what service are you giving to your theme users! Can you please tell me how to add the ticks and arrows to lists coz i didnt understand instructions in this post SWIFT v5.67 | Every bloggers dream theme.

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    First add the normal list, then switch to html mode and add the class tick or arrow as shown below
    <ul class="tick">
    Your li's go here
    PS: There is a premium version coming up in few days with simple GUI to do such stuff, stay tuned.

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    Thank you man you are the best. I have few friends webmasters starting with wordpress, they wont even thing about other theme Support is on top level Speek soon

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