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12-15-2009, 08:25 PM
Hi, I have just started using Swift at a website I'm working on for a friend, www.critterhillkennel.com. I have customized the theme colors to match her logo and am happy with the results except for one thing. I need to change the color of the text in the "Share your thoughts, leave a comment" section. The text for name, email, etc. for the person submitting the form is black and the boxes those things are in burgundy. The submit button text is white, which is good, but how do I change the text for name, email, etc. to white? Thanks in advance for any advice. :)

12-15-2009, 08:27 PM
Visit http://critterhillkennel.com/?page_id=2 to see what I mean. :-)

Bud Green
12-16-2009, 05:26 AM

I had the same problem, and a similar problem with the comment field showing the same color as the background. This happens because those fields draw from the same color settings as other fields higher up in the configuration panel, e.g., home page and slider. This probably saves some time during coding, but it's confusing as heck to the end user. Hopefully, when 5.0 is released, each color setting will be unique and/or there will be some documentation mapping the location of each color field in the theme and where to change it in the control panel (hint, hint).

Now to the problem:

The tab color in the comment area is controlled by the color you select for the navigation area of your header. Since that's black on your site, the tabs are black too. Change this color using the second field under "Header colors": "Pick the navigation area background."

The font color in the tabs is the same as the font color you select in the third field of the "Main colors" section. Since your main font is black, and your background is black, you get black on black and can't read the text.

Other oddities:

The comment field is the same color as the background color you select in the first field of "Slider Colors."

The links in the sidebar are the same color as the hover color you select in the sixth field of "Header Colors."

The background of your comment form is keyed to the background color of your sidebar widgets.

For all these changes, make sure you click the little box just above "Save Changes" that's labeled "Rewrite custom-style.css." You'd think that action would be automatic with "Save Changes," as it was with the last release.

Hope that helps!

12-18-2009, 12:12 AM
Bud, thank you so much for your reply. I will try your suggestions and will let you know my results.