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  1. Your first topic
  2. I want to change font size of posts on signle post page ?
  3. Loving Swift Theme!!! How do I edit "About" Section?
  4. How to remove "about" of sidebar?
  5. How to exclude pages from top nav?
  6. Need some suggestions
  7. No Sidebar Page
  8. How to Show Images only on Slider & not on every Posts on Home Page
  9. Remove link on header
  10. Link to 'comments' on home page
  11. Nothing showing on homepage
  12. How to remove border elements for page nav?
  13. How to use CSS/Stylings in Swift's style folder/directory.
  14. Couple Questions
  15. How to remove Feedbruner RSS subscription from header area.
  16. Categories in Nav bar
  17. Popular post - question about edit
  18. Expert in home page
  19. Resize theme + Show first 3 posts
  20. Problems with $swift_include_pages
  21. Issue with menu bar being limited to only 6 items
  22. Error Msg in "edit" Post
  23. update to latest version
  24. Colors not changing in v4
  25. Cannot get the sliding window to work
  26. Please explain Layouts..."Mgzine/Blog"
  27. Is there a duplicate on "Home Page Options"
  28. 2 Slider Questions (text styling and images) and Post Link Decoration
  29. Centering Google Ad Under Top Nav
  30. Changing my permissions
  31. Images Questions
  32. thumbnails in archive page
  33. Slide or featured post and menus dont work in IE 6
  34. Quick Question about Magazine Layout
  35. How do I extend width allowance for posts?
  36. Get old layout
  37. How to remove the top right search field?
  38. Moving sponsored ads
  39. Question about Upgrading version
  40. Displaying Post with a certain category on the home page
  41. One Colour Question
  42. Great plugin, integrates well with Swift- Scrolling Marquee
  43. Text Padding in Slider
  44. categories in navigation bar order
  45. Swift Themes Options...
  46. can not activate the comment button
  47. Featured Post(s)' Slider and Excerpts
  48. Centering Header Links & Category PlugIn Question
  49. Getting error after upgread
  50. IE error
  51. Images not in slider
  52. Default thumbnail appears w/excerpts
  53. Changing colors
  54. Pages and Cat's
  55. Changing Font size for posts
  56. How to upload custom header
  57. Support BuddyPress
  58. How to show static snippets pointing to categories?
  59. Theme Customization Help Needed
  60. very lost
  61. How to maintain the number of posts to be displayed in each of the pages?
  62. custom theme of swift anyone??
  63. WP Page Numbers Plugin
  64. Color of text in "your comment" section
  65. increasing the number of words on the homepage
  66. Borders around navigation buttons
  67. Turning off comments leads to "comment form is closed at this time" statement
  68. Changing the timing of Featured Post slider
  69. Nothing showing up on the slider
  70. Remove 'Subscribe' from header
  71. My words appear under the picture in slider instead of to the right
  72. Category and post title front page
  73. How to have 2 sidebar colunm?
  74. Theme Stylesheets...
  75. How to Automatically Expand "Full Story"
  76. Deleting the space and borders around images in posts
  77. Add jpeg image to header background
  78. Customize Font for Nav Pages/Categories
  79. Remove Title, Date & Author on PAGES
  80. Layout question
  81. Round out corners
  82. Swift 5: Widgets Not Showing in Right Sidebar on post
  83. v5 beta download wont install
  84. how do i remove the page and category bars in the sidebar
  85. one sidebar 3 col layout
  86. Header & Thumbnail Width in v5.0 beta
  87. Static image w/ link in "Featured Post" box
  88. Changing font size in blockqoutes?
  89. Customize Page and Sidebar Width
  90. Custom Coulours in V5
  91. Tweaking Custom logo...
  92. Remove Widget Side Bar on Specific Pages
  93. Tabs area mod help needed - Want to pull RSS instead of Recent?
  94. "Best of posts" unit in the sidebar
  95. Complete new to swift - need some basic help
  96. Font size
  97. Can't Add Logo
  98. Thumbnail is not showing in my homepage(Mention early also)
  99. Having an article in the Featured area but not below on the main page?
  100. sidebar widget is not showing up
  101. Change size of slider
  102. Homepage still showing blog posts
  103. Header Navigation
  104. How to get 6 posts to show on my blog??
  105. Remove “It’s very calm here…”
  106. Blog Title Hidden Behind Header Logo
  107. Change color of date
  108. Add date to slider posts
  109. Adding custom previous/next to individual post
  110. nav2 category order
  111. My blog posts don't show up on the homepage
  112. Want to show pictures in Blog style.
  113. My slider images or not working
  114. Home Page Link?
  115. pages for both nav menus
  116. How to change colors in Version 5.11
  117. Slider Pause/Speed
  118. [v5.12] Top aligning logo in header
  119. Home page Exerpts - can I make these for pages rather than posts?
  120. How can I add reply feature on my comments ?
  121. Widening the footer
  122. Size of Social Networking Icons
  123. Changing slider original jpg to my own
  124. Is the Swift theme putting me online when I am on?
  125. Disabling Link Descriptions in the sidebar
  126. subcategories not working in menu
  127. "Post A Comment" problems....
  128. static content on home page.
  129. Widgets disappearing from sidebars?
  130. Remove comments from pages
  131. Categories removed from side bar
  132. Custom Category Headers
  133. Footer Alignment
  134. Parse Error
  135. Text Alignment
  136. Tabs above header
  137. "Categories" in sidebar
  138. Slider Text Content
  139. Search Box in Nav Bar
  140. Where do I modify the text hovering in the menu bar?
  141. Space between the photo and text
  142. Header and background colors
  143. WP-PageNavi: how to translate "Page 1 of x"?
  144. Email subscription/Feedburner trouble
  145. v5.19 Need to display tags on Single post
  146. v5.19 Need to search only Posts, not Pages
  147. Change sidebar width
  148. Header Background Image Not Showing In IE
  149. Colors won't change
  150. My Blog is not showing correctly in Internet explorer even in 8th
  151. Error messages when installing Swift 5.19 theme
  152. cannot change colors and fonts Swift 5.1x
  153. Removing Authors bio is coming up shortly.
  154. Need help urgent
  155. Excluding Categories From Home Page
  156. Google Analytics
  157. Home Page
  158. Subscribe Widget Background
  159. adding a flash application
  160. Widget to show the followers?
  161. Changing site backgroundcolor?
  162. In the comment section
  163. How do I get two columns?
  164. how to disable infolinks ads in comments page and navigation ad area
  165. Thumbnail Contro
  166. Bulleted list is double spacing when should be single spacing
  167. Fonts size and type advice needed.
  168. Help About the sidebar position.
  169. Having an article in the Featured area AND below on the main page?
  170. Slider Image
  171. Text size and font in Nav bars
  172. v 5.19 images in sidebar
  173. Using SWIFT for mock-up of site
  174. number of posts shoing in the main page in magazine layout ?
  175. An 'How to' guide to Swift theme?
  176. How can I resize the box for each post ?
  177. Speed of slider
  178. Second navigation bar disappeared...
  179. Tool tip
  180. For Satish or Anyone that has solved the "no image/thumbnail in slider/homepage"
  181. Upgrading instructions?
  182. WishList Member
  183. Create different header in pages
  184. Using Breadcrumbs in Swift
  185. <<Newbie>>Thumbnail Issue Please Help
  186. urgent help needed
  187. Insert another kind of Slider
  188. Problem with formatting Single Post page
  189. Header Banner Ad
  190. Post on front page....
  191. Category Labels in Thumbnails
  192. Front page thumbnails
  193. Front page colour bars
  194. 125 ads
  195. Help pls: Footer and Tab gone, wrong font, Header960 does not activate
  196. Color Customizing Problem in Swift 5.25
  197. Having big problem with the thumbnail in the home page please help admin help me!!!
  198. Featured slider question
  199. Featured slider text align
  200. DIV copyright question
  201. Having trouble with Pings and Trackbacks.
  202. Using Swift theme with Buddypress
  203. magazine style section is gone
  204. Sliders Not Working
  205. Images in IE
  206. Header Image Misplaced
  207. Which version are you using?
  208. Link at beginning of nav
  209. Header trouble + Removing Post details
  210. Change permissions
  211. default image change
  212. How can I restrict categories from dispaying in Mag Box layout on home page
  213. Comments closed not showing on closed posts!
  214. Adsense not coming for front page
  215. Help with Google / Search Engine preview text - noob question sorry
  216. Show Blog Title not URL in Browser Header.
  217. H1 Tags
  218. Changing the rights of the swift_custom
  219. Move search box to top navigation bar
  220. I can't use slider. Plz help me!
  221. Navigation order
  222. 5 Questions - SLIDER / Hyperlink "read more" / Remove "Full Story"....
  223. Image problem in single post page
  224. header logo URL??
  225. test post question
  226. header logo URL??
  227. Slider and Front Page Images
  228. Header Right Justified
  229. Number of posts/Magazine Layout
  230. Display mag-box excerpts of one category on a specific page
  231. Box-shadow?
  232. Slider Not Working
  233. Search BOX
  234. Banner images and url - Need help
  235. Easy way to add a second sidebar (one left and one right)?
  236. Thumbnails was not working
  237. Slider does not show everytime?
  238. Magazine box make to 3 column
  239. change size of slider
  240. Nav Bar Links
  241. slider speed
  242. left alignment
  243. Error after upgrade to Swift 5.28
  244. How to Place Content on The Homepage
  245. Errors when change he slider settings
  246. Need help with front page, slider
  247. Background Transparent
  248. questions about home page
  249. Menu Fly out coved by Large Image display
  250. Banners in margins