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  1. commentluv doesn't detect feeds
  2. Navigation categories doesn't work for me?
  3. suggestion -1 Add support for latest feedburner
  4. Comment highlight Author problems
  5. [Suggestion] Sliding Sidebar..
  6. [suggestion - 2 ] Add support for Wp-pagenavi
  7. Windows Live Writer images problem
  8. Drop down menu bar for categories and pages.
  9. how i can modify tab.php
  10. it's still not work for ie6
  11. Theme is not working properly with IE? Screen Shots
  12. RSS Widget Not Working
  13. Featured Slider Category not selected
  14. [Suggestion] Tab should be displayed only if available
  15. [Bug] Border Color of Comment Textarea
  16. Color customization bug?
  17. [BUG] Google Analytics Code not included
  18. [Suggestion] Full Story Button Position
  19. [Slider Problem] Getting some array error on the top of every post on Home page.
  20. [Bug] New Themes Messing Up in header
  21. Comment Reply Button Gone
  22. [Suggestion] Subscribe through Email Box
  23. Possibility to add polls on right/left side
  24. Request: Option to use full text on first post and...
  25. Request: Option without rounded corners.
  26. Request: Unused widgetized sidebars and footer.
  27. Two questions
  28. swift new version error
  29. feature box error
  30. Popular Posts: Error on Home Page
  31. Swift Theme V 3.1.4 breaking in IE 6
  32. My website lost it's template
  33. Navigation Bar
  34. Suggestion: Increase space between post in categories page.
  35. Change Background Color of Adsense Top Section
  36. [Bug???] Theme colors doesn't change in V. 3.1.8.
  37. [BUG] BuySellAds Code not working
  38. Swift Theme Options Error
  39. Featured Posts Skipping Items
  40. Sexybookmarks 'floating' above YARRP box
  41. Text and pictures not displaying correctly in slider
  42. Nothing works
  43. slider question
  44. [Suggestion] Online ChangeLog
  45. Integration of SWIFT comment template with IntenseDebate?
  46. Theme criteria, validation, speed, web page analyzer, active support forum
  47. Lag in my swift
  48. RSS graphic shows broken link
  49. Graphic image is not showing on slider
  50. Can't upload images to my blog
  51. Warning Message!
  52. Show Individual Posts
  53. JavaScript not loading
  54. Top Link Unit Background Color
  55. Popular Posts
  56. Adsense IE Navigation Bar Bug?
  57. Custom Logo
  58. slider justification
  59. Navigation Menu Height and # of Pages Displayed
  60. Post link text decoration = underlined
  61. Widget Title Background Color
  62. Images Border
  63. RSS Feed not following custom color scheme from FeedBurner
  64. Swift 4.0 Widgets error- widgets not showing
  65. Images not showing in 4.01 (site hosted images)
  66. Using Full Size Image in Slider Instead of Thumbnail w/ text HEELLPP
  67. Favicon.ico
  68. No image in slider
  69. Page tabs
  70. Widgets
  71. Popular Posts _Getting text vs ...
  72. Magazine layout and Featured Category
  73. only the most recent post showing on front page
  74. Images not showing on homepage magazine layout (self hosted) version 4.0.07
  75. Change the permissions of swift/cache folder to 777 and custom-style.css to 666
  76. Swift Theme Options not loading
  77. Where can I download Swift 3.0?
  78. Request for new magazine layout
  79. Swift javascript compatbility with damned Firefox users
  80. Category marker on thumbnail images on homepage
  81. Upgrading manually
  82. TimThumb.php related issue
  83. Slider not working
  84. 4.1.0 Thumbnails still not working with magazine style?
  85. Please help my amazon store does not fit
  86. single post page question
  87. Thumbnails in one category
  88. adsense problems
  89. Adding affiliate links
  90. Feedjit widget
  91. How to fix my RSS feed link in header
  92. Popular posts feature not working?
  93. tryng swift on localhost - images problem
  94. A Newbie Question about Social Icons
  95. HELP! Adsense and Feedjit
  96. Images Not Showing In Slider - I tried all recommendations already
  97. Getting rid of excerpts???
  98. Thumb Problem :(
  99. Thumbnails for upcoming 2.9
  100. Getting error on web page - 'wp' is undefined
  101. Is it possible to have more then 3 pages under a header menu option
  102. Not all auto thumbnails appearing.
  103. Changing file permissions
  104. image thumbnails no longer showing! (everything was fine till today..)
  105. Images in slider
  106. replace logo
  107. Images thumbnails not visible
  108. udated version troubles
  109. Thumbnails are being cropped not shrunk in v4.146 after upgrade from v3.193
  110. Popular Posts and when posts show up
  111. how to remove "written by" and "on"
  112. Centering your logo
  113. If nextpage tag is used in a post, only the last page will display
  114. Post with no excerpt shown with a prefixed URL to post
  115. sub-pages in the menu going over the categories! please help!
  116. Menu disappeared
  117. Multiple Widgets inside the Header
  118. Upgrading from 4.1.0 - 4.1.5
  119. page layout
  120. Tried everything... Thumbnails are not showing on homepage.. or anywhere!
  121. thumbnails do not show up using IE
  122. Thumbnails on homepage not displayed. Tryed troubleshooting as per all the posts
  123. timthumb version that works with jpg
  124. images not showing
  125. image for site background??
  126. why do we have to change the permissions?
  127. Problems with Footer, Slider and Tabbed Side Window
  128. Categories not showing on site...
  129. Can't add sub pages to navigation bar
  130. Turkish chracter problem
  131. Changing the layout of the most recent post
  132. Images in Slider Not Working? Do you Host with HostGator?
  133. Image size in post
  134. Navigation Code
  135. Having some Ad problems
  136. Why So Small? Why Link-like?
  137. My blog looks fine in firefox but not in Internet Explorer
  138. Slider of Featured Post box don't work
  139. Labels for name, email, etc. is blacked out on comment section
  140. The code for my comment label names are missing
  141. Post font size
  142. Comment labels
  143. How do you change the theme colour?
  144. Bug in IE6
  145. Catherine
  146. OK, so I read the error log ...
  147. Still problems with images and slider
  148. How do I embed Youtube News Elements
  149. add slider to every post
  150. 125 banner ads not showing when enabled
  151. staggered images
  152. top right wide sidebar
  153. Submit Comment Button hidden in IE
  154. Bug in IE? Looks ok in Firefox and Chrome
  155. Pages and no comment
  156. Selecting Featured category for slider doesn't work
  157. Image Scaling - works on single post, but not home page
  158. Thumbnail
  159. Banner Ads
  160. Feedburner
  161. Tagline Font Size
  162. Missing Edit Button In Posts
  163. Security
  164. How to insert RSS image on the right hand corner of my blog?
  165. Theme for Forum
  166. Bugs I encountered
  167. Google analytics script not added to the blog
  168. Changing Default Home Page Images
  169. "Swift Theme Options" link is not available!
  170. Nextgen and sidebar
  171. Layout option not working in archive.
  172. Page and Category Menu Issue, sub page menu under category menu
  173. Widgets not adding to rightand sidebar
  174. Can't submit comments
  175. Problem with tables in 5.0
  176. Want to remove categories in side bar
  177. 5.0 is beautiful but it broke my site! Need install instructions, please.
  178. image placement
  179. How do I add the number of post excerpts on Home Page
  180. Swift RSS Image not displaying
  181. Design Option is not working
  182. Post/Page Shortcodes
  183. Page and Category Navigation Quantity
  184. Want "comments" and number of comments on front page
  185. Issues with v5.0
  186. Swift 5 sidebar issues
  187. news only in the slider
  188. Translate in fr
  189. plugin work in Firefox not EI
  190. Sidebars appear on top of each other rather than next to each other
  191. My Thumbnails In My Web Is Not Viewed
  192. email link
  193. Images not appearing on slider
  194. Error activating 5.1.0
  195. Custom Colors in Version 5.1.2
  196. Header image only on home page
  197. some remarks
  198. Missing files in download
  199. navigation falls behind thumbnail and header issue
  200. Error Opening JS to Slow Down Slider Speed
  201. bug with popular post 5.1.3
  202. How do I change "About" to "About this Fatcat" in the upper righthand corner?
  203. Navagation
  204. Error! Options page not found - ????
  205. Post Slider
  206. CSS Mess
  207. Changing Adsense Ads to in-house ads?
  208. Issue with custom colors
  209. Logo exceeds Header of left side
  210. How to Remove GRAY BOXES on the Homepage?
  211. RFC: Banners on Pages
  212. Bug? text on AD pages
  213. Bug ? Header Scripts
  214. RFC: edit link on page - s
  215. [RFC] num queries in footer
  216. Featured Category only shows 'show recent posts' & blank
  217. Plugins Swift does not like
  218. Bug: Unicode characters removed from custom CSS
  219. why buttons won't work in IE
  220. Popular Posts Widget
  221. Post Summary Boxes Not Showing on Homepage
  222. Problem with rss image
  223. What's wrong with Network Solutions?
  224. Slider does not work
  225. image problem
  226. Can someone help me with thumbnails?
  227. My font size won't change
  228. New install RSS issue
  229. [Bug] USE THIS COPY OF SIDEBAR.PHP to get rid of that silly catagory junk!!
  230. [Bug: v5.14] CSS typo, and Author Box color selector not working
  231. Effect of Slider on Number of Posts
  232. SWIFT is now XHTML valid
  233. Simple SEO navigation postname option
  234. Problem With Related Posts
  235. SWIFT on a WordPRess MU install
  236. Slider Speed & JScript Error: my fix of it in case someone needs help
  237. Two Qs: Magazine Style and No Comments issue
  238. 468*60 banners - suggestion for placement option
  239. Color issues in 5.17
  240. Posts only appearing in slider - not on body of homepage
  241. Custom Header Alignment
  242. Error messages installing new version
  243. [Reporting] A Bug in Swift 404 error page
  244. [Suggetion]License File Missing in Swift
  245. Full posts in category view
  246. TimThumb.php
  247. Drop Down Menu Alignment
  248. Administrator rights
  249. Google Chrome Incompatible?
  250. Footer pixel shift in 5.19