It’s time to add some fancy features to SWIFT

Hello Swiftler’s, How are you guys doing.It’s been quite a time since SWIFT was updated.¬†Last 2 months have been very tough for me ( toughest in my life ūüôĀ¬† ). But ¬†now it’s time to get my controls back and do some serious coding. I have planned some nice additions for SWIFT, if you have […]

SWIFT is now wordpress MU compatible

There were some problems with the swift options page when used on WordPress MU, I have¬†modified¬†the code to make SWIFT compatible with WordPress MU. Thanks to edelwater of for his help with the code. Apart from WordPress MU support,¬†Improvements¬†in this version include Fixed the image resizing problem reported here All the options have been […]

SWIFT version 5.0 is now available

Hello Swiftler’s, SWIFT version 5.0 is out after a long wait.Lot of care was taken in designing and implementing every feature in the theme. I can proudly say that SWIFT is the best WordPress theme available. Thank you all for your continuous support, v5.0 wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Special thanks to Dawn […]

Suggest default thumbnail image and social media icons for SWIFT v5.0

Default Thumbnail Image I selected the color pencils as default thumbnail image in a hurry, It’s time to have a better image which will be apt for all types of posts. v5.0 will be having an image selected Swiftler’s. Post url’s to the images which can be used as the default thumbnails, once we have […]