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Satish Gandham is a self taught web designer and developer. He is the founder of SwiftThemes. You can connect with him on twitter @ Gandham

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SWIFT v5.68 | Final version supporting timthumb image resizing script.

First , thank you all for the overwhelming response to my mail here. I couldn’t ask for more. I know there are many people who like  SWIFT, but I never knew that you would endorse it to this extent. SWIFT beats all the other themes hands down. You make the every second I spend on

Using keyword Statistics plugin may ruin your search rankings.

This week two clients approached me for SEO check of their sites as there was a sudden drop in search ranking and traffic. When I checked their sites, I was shocked. Some of the plugins they were using were messing with the SEO of the site. I found two such plugins on one blog, and

Using SWIFT to build awesome home pages and static sites for corporate clients

Awesome static home page with SWIFT

Building static sites and complex page layouts is very easy with SWIFT. In this tutorial I will guide you through the process. You don’t need any prior knowledge about HTML or CSS to understand this article. View DEMO SWIFT uses 960.gs 16 grid CSS framework (Don’t worry if you never heard of it). Every grid

SWIFT v5.67 | Every bloggers dream theme.

I wanted a lite weight theme, which is fast, which doesn’t hammer the server, SEO optimized, AdSense ready, easy to customize,  and easy to carry forward the customizations when updating the theme. I checked a lot of free and premium themes, none matched my requirements. That’s when I decided to build one myself. I started