v6.2.2 brings Sticky Sidebars and Custom Widths

The new version of Swift is here with whole lot of new features and style upgrades. They most important of the lot are sticky sidebars and custom content and sidebar widths.

Sticky Sidebars

Widget added in this new section won’t stick to the top.

When you have a very long post or a post with lot of comments when the user scrolls the page, your sidebar moves up and making 30% of the screen space useless. With sticky sidebars, the sidebar will stick to the view port giving your sidebar content more exposure. This option is ideal for ads, showing your top quality content, or news letter or social media subscriptions.
We also included an option to make the navigation ad and navigation below sticky.

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Using sticky elements

Using sticky navigation and nav ad is very simple, just enable them from the newly added section at Swift Design Options -> Sticky Elements.
For sidebars, enable it at Swift Design Options -> Sticky Elements. Then go to widgets page. There you will see new sidebar section called “Non Sticky Sidebar”. Widgets added to this will not stick to the top, everything below will stick to the view port.

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Custom widths

This feature was asked many times, my obsession with golden ratio kept it away from Swiftler’s. I’m very sorry for that, but better late than never, its here with a very simple UI. The pic says everything you need to know.

Custom Widths option in Swift Theme

Custom Widths option in Swift Theme

Spicing it up with CSS3

Recently I checked twitter bootstrap for another project of mine, it has come very cleanly styled elements which will be a good addition to Swift. I will slowly be adding those styles to Swift. To start with I added gradient to the solid navigation style.

Clearing w3tc minify cache on updating options

One of the most frequently asked question is color not changing, setting not updated.  90% of the time its because users don’t disable caching for admins and don’t clear cache before checking the newly changed options. To address this issue swift will automatically clear the minify cache for you on updating options :)

Other changes include

  • Fixed few glitches with responsive layout in iPad.
  • Form styling inspired for twitter bootstrap. You can disable form styling in your contact form to reduce the page size as swift does the styling for you.
  • Rounded corners were not working few browsers and the latest release of FF, fixed those issues.
  • Changed the table styling, which changes the calendar widget styling.
  • Fixed the ugly code tags in comment form.
  • Changed the slider caption styling
  • There are still a lot of other changes, I lost track of them..

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15 thoughts on “v6.2.2 brings Sticky Sidebars and Custom Widths

  1. After reading this post I decided to buy the theme because it said version 6.2.2 has custom sidebar widths, however I am looking at the admin panel and there is no option to do this. Am I missing something?

  2. Two ideas for the next version:

    1. Make the comment bubble icon next to the comment number clickable so that goes to the comments area.

    2. Make the […] clickable on the post excerpt so that it goes to the full post.

    These are some great small usability things to add. I found myself hovering over these areas expecting to click on them but they weren’t functional.

    Swift is the best theme out there and getting better all the time!!!

  3. We need Ad Rotator feature :D

  4. Love that slider for the widths! Very slick and user friendly – that’s the kind of thing that makes the subscription a no-brainer must-have. Great work again, Satish.

  5. Looks good! What’s next for swift?

  6. Great, just loved those sticky sidebars. However, is there any sort of plugin to make those sidebar sticky on other themes as well?

  7. Sticky sidebar is a great feature. I have never seen it in any theme yet. Keep up the good work.

  8. Great release. I like the “Sticky Navigation” the most!
    Keep it up man.

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