Plans for the next version of Swift

Will be starting the development of next version of Swift tomorrow. Here is a list of things planed for the next update, if you need anything that’s not on the list, add it in the comments.

  • Customizable sidebar width.
  • Collapsible sidebars.
  • Deeper integration with WordPress SEO plugin.
  • Option for your blog visitors to disable mobile layout.
  • One more magazine layout.
  • Will be using using hammer.js to take mobile layout to next level.
  • Hover text color option for button.

17 thoughts on “Plans for the next version of Swift

  1. Small Suggestion :
    After released a new version of swift theme we can get Direct notification from WP Dashboard and we can update Swift direct from WP Dashboard.

  2. Another one as i’m in the color options : that would be nice to have the active menu colors here.

      • Being able to choose the color of the active item of the navigation menu in the color options page.
        When you click on an item of the menu, you go to the page and the menu item of the page is then higlighted.
        That woul be great to have this active color in the color options in the bordered nav menu and solid nav menu boxes.

  3. Another suggestion as i’m facing the “problem” right now : each time i make some big changes in Swift like update or changing bordered menu to solid, the Swift CMS options on the pages are reset : i have to edit each pages to check them again (hide post title,…).

  4. I am looking forward for new features with Swift. Till now, Swift has been awesome for my blogs

  5. I would also suggest making the […] clickable and link to the full post. Sometimes the continue reading button falls far from the end of the text and isn’t easy to know which article it goes to. Making […] clickable gives people another option to view the content as they are reading the summary and it’s the logical place the eyes land on.

  6. These new features sound awesome! Collapsible sidebars and ability to set widths is a much needed feature. Wow you keep coming up with great ideas!

  7. The YARPP theme hardcodes the the sequence “Posted on ____ by ____”.

  8. Good to see that this great theme is so alive :0)
    I’m not sure this is possible with the last version, so i think it would be nice to add it : being able to choose menus (above and below logo) alignment to right or left.

    I managed to do this with custom css but since i’ve made the last update, the above logo menu doesn’t respond to float=right.

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