Coming up in the next version of Swift

I started working on the next version of Swift, and this is the list of things I plan to do. If you need anything that’s not in the list, drop a comment.

  • Separate color and font options for above logo and below logo navigation menus.
  • Tabs widget.
  • Icons for RSS links in navigation above logo.
  • Stacked magazine layout.
  • We will probably switching to flex slider so that we can include slider in mobile layouts.
  • Some tweaks to the news paper layout and short code buttons.
  • Option to add notes to the options pages.
  • Option to disable ad’s on individual posts.
  • Option to disable image, forms¬† and table styling to use styling included by plugins.

8 thoughts on “Coming up in the next version of Swift

  1. I’d like to suggest options to have the menu bars centered/right-aligned when one’s not using their respective optional right-side contents. It’d greatly simplify things when one’s attempting some advanced CSS customization!

  2. Hi Satish,
    was wondering if I had screwed up the responsive version of the theme..coz when I check individual post (and not home page), the content (including the image) is chopped off on the left.Also the menubar takes up all the space and the actual content is way down.Also kindly note that the excerpts on home page are working well and are not cut from the left side.Help please !

  3. Looking forward to these additions to an already great theme. The tabs widget will be very useful to me.

  4. Separate ad management for responsive layout. Certain ad sizes make the responsive layout unusable (i.e. 728×90).

  5. Please add some custom post options so we can remove sidebars on individual posts. You have some page options but we really need these for posts as well.

  6. Swift already has many features , iam glad to know u r adding some more to it..As you have asked if we need anything, so i am writing it.. I badly need a attractive footer as you kept in techbu.. hope you add it in next versions..

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