How to get the old navigation style in SwiftPremium

We changed the default styling of SwiftPremium to be different from the free version. If you are a fan of the old navigation style, you can get it by adding the following  CSS code to user CSS.

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2 thoughts on “How to get the old navigation style in SwiftPremium

  1. Hello¡

    i want to know if in the swift premium v 0.2 is it possible to use a page selector of the articles that I display in my blog?, for example: i got 20 posts to test the blog, but in the principal page only 10 are showed, i know if i want to see the others 10 i have to go to the monthly link or search by category, but i would like to embed a page selector to see the next 10, I have seen in other blogs this bar that contains a number of the current page, what option i have to select or what version of theme i have to install to got it?
    i tried with swift 6.1.0 but no good result.
    Thanks for your help

  2. HI , i really like swift theme, :)

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