[update] Version 5.74, a must have upgrade for all those using v5.69+

I fixed some minor bugs present in the earlier version and added thumbnail to full length posts.

WPaddict.net tested 8 themes to find the fastest loading theme and confirmed that SWIFT is the fastest loading WordPress theme beating the popular premium themes.


An awesome customization of SWIFT I came across recently


13 thoughts on “[update] Version 5.74, a must have upgrade for all those using v5.69+

  1. You are the Best Satish! Much faster, Much easier to use, Much improved!


  2. In 5.74 is expert box is shown in admin panel. so how can we show full story button?

  3. Hi

    SWIFT is a great great theme – but I am having a hard time getting the widgets to work. Simply nothing shows up in my sidebars. Help help help.

  4. Where is the download link for v5.74? Thanks.

  5. Deas Satish

    I am thankful to you developing this theme. I am using SWIFT 5.54. How can I upgrade to latest version. Additionally email subscription of end of posts at single page of SWIFT 5.54 is not working. What might be the problem.
    Thank you

  6. Hey Satish,
    I really love your theme, I have been trying hard to show thumbnails on the posts but its not showing… Is there any plugin I have to install to show plugins or do I have to put a CUSTOM FIELD everytime to show thumbnails…
    my website is : http://www.eboxd.com


  7. I have hunted out and tried many, many free WP themes. Without a doubt, Swift is the best I’ve come across and I’d also say it’s a lot better than some of the paid WP themes.

  8. Gee.. Thanks! Love the theme.

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