Update | SWIFT version 5.50 supports WordPress menus

Here comes another update of SWIFT. I have implemented WordPress menus feature into SWIFT v5.50, added a custom box to the post editor to easily upload thumbnails and fixed the image resize problem which has been there for a long time.

Import / Export options feature added in version5.40 wasn’t working correctly in all cases, that problem is fixed now.

If you are a regular follower of the blog, you should be knowing how the concept of child themes was simplified in SWIFT. Child themes feature in SWIFT theme is dependent on the import/export feature. As there were problems with it till now, I dint promote the child themes concept. Now that the import/export options feature is fixed, it’s time to promote the child themes feature of SWIFT. I’m thinking of floating a contest to design child themes for SWIFT next week. If you have any good idea to promote the concept of child themes in SWIFT, please share it with me.

How to Install and develop child themes for SWIFT

Here are the other changes and improvements in SWIFT

  • Added excerpts to the full size image slider and increased the slide display time.
  • Fixed the numbering bug, earlier numbering started from 0, now it starts from 1. I also changed the styling of the numbers.
  • Add a small jQuery animation to the back to top link in footer.
  • Magazine box corners will now be round.
  • Changed the options page design slightly.
  • Added an option to add links to footer, you can add theme from appearance->menus
  • Changed the styling of post meta.
  • Separated tags from author biography.
  • Improved the calendar widget styling.

Lots of new features will be added in the coming weeks, subscribe to our rss feed to stay tuned.

Note: Navigation links (The links above and below logo) will be deleted when you upgrade to v5.50, you have to use WordPress menus.

{ SWIFT user guide } { Download  SWIFT v5.50 }

23 thoughts on “Update | SWIFT version 5.50 supports WordPress menus

  1. Hi the images are still blowing up???

  2. I want to remove the excerpt from the new slider. How do i do this?

  3. I uploaded the 5.5 and it destroyed my site.  I had no custom ccs and i have quite a few plugins.  Do I have to uninstall and reinstall all the plugins because I don’t know why all the category posts would wrap to the bottom of the page either.  I went back to 5.43 and have spent 6 hours getting it back.  The category posts still are showing double images as well.  What’s the secret.  I really want to use the new slider speed and menu.

  4. Love the theme great work.
    Do either featured post slider use the featured image from wordpress?
    Are you updating the theme on wordpress.org because the autoupdate of themes in the admin section is not showing the new version.


    • In the current version they don’t.
      I will use it in next version.

      I’m not updating the theme on WordPress.org, they are taking too long to review the update also the directory is highly biased.

  5. Hello Satish
    Its me again.. v5.50 uploaded on my blog.  Thanks for providing wider space for custom CSS. Only one thing, after customization done and saved, why don’t it stays on the same (custom css) page instead of return back to the main page (i have to re-click on the menu to get back on custom css page).
    Thanks anyway for your affords on providing best free theme.

  6. Satish,
    I am a bit of a newbie, and I hope this is not a stupid question. I cannot figure out how to load an image into the Authors Box at the end of my posts. I changed the profile text under Users>Your Profile, but cannot find any place to upload a profile pic, avatar, gravatar, or anything to change the little no-face default image.
    Good News is: I didn’t have any problems changing the colors for the Authors Box or Social Media stuff!  :)
    Please help.

  7. Hey Satish!
    Thanks for the version 5.50! This one is working great for me, so good job again!
    One question: I was testing the Large Image slider and wanted to reduce the height of the slider but I haven’t managed to find the file where I can modify that. Could you please point to me to what needs to be modified?

  8. Is the theme compatible to WordPress 3.0.1?
    Cause I get an error message when I try to activate the theme in my blog, and there is a wrong visual on the header

  9. theme does not show pages and catergories .chk it
    we cannot select what to keep in navigation bar.

  10. Please when will you release swift for buddypress?

    • It will be released in mid September.
      I’m thinking of releasing it as a premium theme, I’m going to give some free copies to those are willing to write a review of the BuddyPress version of the theme. Subscribe to our feed to stay tuned. :)

  11. download link not working,
    where is download button.

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