SWIFT v5.0 is coming on 11th JAN, beta version available for download.

Hello Swiftlers,

Belated wishes for the new year.

Most of the work of version 5.0 is done except for

  • Banner ad integration.
  • Page templates.
  • RSS links and search box in navigation area.
  • Subscribe widget.

This version is called beta only because the above mentioned features are yet to be added.  Core of the theme is very stable, you can safely use this on your blog.

[download id=”1″]

Installation instructions:

Just like any other wordpress theme.

Post installation steps:

Change the permissions of swift/cache folder to 777 (755 in case of some hosts) and custom-styles.css to 666.

Here is a tutorial on how to change file permissions in case if you need it.


Demo: This blog uses v5.0

If you want to checkout the options page without installing, visit



UserName and password for the above options page.

UserName and password for the above options page.

If you find any bugs, typos (there going to be many of them) or if you feel the description or name of the option is not clear enough please post theme here.

Lets together build a USER INTERFACE which does not require a user guide.

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26 thoughts on “SWIFT v5.0 is coming on 11th JAN, beta version available for download.

  1. awesome WP theme dude! :)
    downloaded.. and I’ll surely use this swift theme on my wordpress site… thanx! :P

  2. Will Swift still work perfectly fine with WP3.0?

  3. Hi, i’m using this theme and I think it’s great but i would like to know if there’s any chanche that my posts can look like on the home page in a category. for example when i go to category “Themes” i don’t want the posts to be aranged one under another…. i want them in stylish boxes like on the home page

  4. Is there any way to customize the language of this great theme? I need a german version, i would do the translation, but it would be great to do it with a language file, instead of customizing the templates.

  5. Are there translations available for the Swift theme? If not, is it easy for we to translate it? I’d love to be able to have it running in Brazilian Portuguese. :-)

  6. Working with the BETA right now, and liking it a lot! 2 issues found so far:
    1 – swift options> homepage and archives: the word recent is misspelled (it says recenet) under featured category.
    2 – design options>fonts: sidebar font option is duplicated

  7. […] linked to the Swift site, and Satish soon dropped by to tell me he had a new version of the Swift WP theme available in beta test. OK, it is not remarkable that a busy website owner and theme developer should take the trouble to […]

  8. Hey will plz tell me which plugin you using to show ur related post as its really looking great with subscribe feature integrated.

  9. Very nice theme. waiting for new version.

  10. Me again ;)
    Please, check compatibility with IE and Chrome, specially in the full width header layout

  11. Great theme! I’ve been using it since v3.0 and it is improving very fast and in a lot of directions so it’s great! ç
    Some comments:
    -A stop button in the slider
    -I miss the mark on the header to know which page is currently being viewed, it works on v4.1
    -I would be great to have some colour combination in addition to the default (as you well did with the fonts)
    -Language support ;)
    -More registration options integrated in the theme (I suppose this is challenging) such as OpenID, Facebook Connect, Twitter Connect…

  12. I thought I was out the latest version of the swift
    I still have to wait

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